Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things the SnowBirds miss

The REALLY Green Valley

The rushing Santa Cruz

The leaves of the Ocotillos

The deep purple Texas Ranger

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Movie Review -"Winter Bones"

Life in the Deep South. I don't mean geographically but the DEEP south where people are poor, families inbred, living in poverty like they always have and striving to eke out a living doing things that are outside the law.

Ree Dolly is a "bred & butter" Dolly and she is going to do what ever she has to to find her outlaw father and see that his bond is fulfilled and save the family home.

To do this she has to face the other Dollys who are not willing to help her.

The stirring part of this film is the strength of the hillbilly's women as they stand by their men and stand together to solve the problems they face, legal or not.

This is a REAL feminist film. Great acting. Actors unknown to me. And use of locals makes a true Indie film.

At The Loft, the busiest I have ever seen it. Thank you Loft.

4****plus 1/2

1* don't bother

2** OK

3*** good

4**** VERY good

5*****Drop whatever you are doing, drive as far as you need to and see this film

After the storm

The first thing we do is change all the clocks, the stove, microwave etc.

Then we walk over to watch the river flow.

Tree branches heavy with water and beans or
fruit break of and many trees completely fall

Large fissures appear in the earth.

Cactus have their second bloom of the season.

And the Colorado River toads come out of
their mud borrow eager to mate We hear a cacophony of croaking all night till early morning. And see toad scat on the morning walk.

photo by neighbor Nikki

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chubasco = Spanish for a very bad storm

Chubasco= A violent squall with thunder and lightening occurring during the rainy season.

We had a tremendous storm mid afternoon. In one hour we had 2.8 inches of rain. Rain running down Abrego, filling up the washes and the back yards.

Winds blowing over trees and saguaro and loss of electricity.

Temperatures dropped from the high 90's to 70.
I may be able to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Do problems really come in threes?

I have always believe that bad events come in threes.

#1. The desk top computer monitor went out

#2. The A/C went out. This can be a tragedy in Arizona in the summer.

So I said to spouse "What will be #3?".
"You don't believe that! " he responded.

So on the way to the city to have the computer checked out, his hearing aid went out.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Az.Buddy is back in Az.

Sun sets in the west as we leave Palm Springs and return home.

One and .8 rain in the rain gage.

Buddy is back home and enjoying his pool.

Flowers in the front yard.

And lizards in the back yard.

Horny lizard photo by Nikki on Wedgeway

Friday, July 23, 2010

Clos La Chance Winery

This Winery, west of Morgan Hill was voted the best tasting room in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Central Coast California Wine

We have vacationed many times on the Central Coast of California. We like the ocean air, the sea food and the great wines.

One of our favorite small wineries is Kelsey in Avila Bay north of Pismo Beach.

One of our favorite larger wines is Eberle, with is expansive grounds and fancy tasting room. We are always greeted by Cabernet, the black standard poodle and the statue of the Boar.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Santa Monica Pier

The Getty in LA

The Getty museum opened on a hill top in Los Angeles in 1997. It's impressive architecture, sculpture, gardens and views of the city make it a popular site for residents and visitors alike.

Besides the Art Museum it's buildings house the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation and the Getty Trust which funds the museum.
Admission is free, as is the tram ride up the hill from the parking lot.

In addition to its permanent collection it brings in exhibits from all over the world

On this day we saw a collection of the art and sculpture of the French artist Juan-Leon Gerome. 1824-1904

Also on exhibit was a collection of photography documenting important events of history.
Overwhelming were the numerous photos of the many wars that Americans have fought and lost their lives in. Do we never learn?