Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Mexico

Azbuddy has been off the blog for long enough for people to inquire if we are well. Yes we are but a trip to Mexico and busy for Christmas has kept us off the net. Today we share some photos of festive decorations in Puerto Vallarta.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Metropolitan Opera-Live in HD-Rodelinda

Az Buddy is new to the opera but is definitely hooked. Thanks to the Met's live HD seen in local
theaters around the country.

Today it was Rodelinda by Handel. Well known for his "Messiah" Handel also composed 40 some operas. With the rebirth of interest in Baroque music we are going see more of this style of music.

Milan, 18th Century, Bertarido(Andreas Scholl) has been deposed as King, leaving the
Queen Rodelinda (Renee Flemming) and their young son Flavio behind. The story is one of love versus quest for power. OR will love conquer all?

Within the first few measures one recognizes the rhythm and musicality of Handel. Baroque music's use of the counter tenor has never been so beautiful as with the voices of Andreas Scholl and Lestyn Davies (as Unolfo). Also terrific were the performances of Stephanie Blyth as Eduige and Joseph Kaiser as Grimoaldo who have to decide are they more in love with each other or the desire for the throne.

Use of mostly strings and harpsichord are also typical of the Baroque style. The production, set design and use of non singing actors gave this video production a feeling of film. Probably due to very talented camera direction, avoiding that dreaded close-close up so common in many of today's films.

I encourage everyone to look for these Met Operas in
their local movie theaters.
Bringing Opera to the people.