Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sayulita Beach, Mexico`

Sayulita, on the north end of the Bay of Banderas,
is the only surfing beach in the area. And a good place to spend some time. Good people watching, dog watching and bird watching.

It the beach you can get some good food and beverages and even get a mud massage. It is about a two hour three bus ride from the south side of Puerta Vallarta but is worth it for a change of view and where the kids can enjoy a nice beach.

Monday, March 28, 2011

People on the Malecon

We walk the Malecon nearly every day. Sometimes more than once a day. Because it always changes. It is a great place for people watching, One can buy a Starbucks at the south end or a soda at McDonalds at the north end.

And photo opportunities are abundant.

People dressed in Indigenous costumes
The elderly
The young lovers
And even Red Hat Ladies

And if you are lucky, the young men in Huichol
costume swing down from a tall pole in the central

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Malecon of Puerto Vallarta

Malecon is the word the Spanish use for a cement embankment and walkway along the waterfront in a seaport city. Puereto Vallarta has an especially neat one. The walk is lined with bronze statues. Some are figures that represent the sea but many don't. Posters tell of upcoming events. Frieda Kahlo is represented frequently. Between the walk and the sea is a narrow area of sand. Young men make large complex sand carvings. When the big cruise ships are in the Malecon is filled with tourists strolling along doing some shopping and enjoying food and drinks.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bright colors of Mexican Street Art

One of the pleasures of walking the streets of Puerto Vallarta is the unique and colorful street art. Plaza and allies offer a variety of media subject, although much art is devoted to the indigenous peoples.

Note the profiles of this elderly couple. Look closely and you will seem them as young lovers.

Indigenous Mexican celebrate the skeleton. I loved this portrayal of man and his best friend.
You can also see this in the dapper and fancy skeleton Calaveras, skeleton statues dressed as if for a ball and the sugar skulls we see at Day of the Dead celebrations.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Az Buddy in Mexico with family

Spent Spring Break with the family in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. On the Pacific coast, it is our week by the sea get-a-way.
These photos, with the exception of the boys in the giant fig tree, are from the Botanical Gardens south of the city. PVR is a port city on the Bay of Banderas but lies up against mountains with jungle like foliage. A city bus takes us south to the Boca Tomotalan where a river meets the ocean. Then we take another bus ride up into the mountains.
The trip is worth it to have a nice hike, a great meal, and see lots of birds and flowers.

Family members are Grandsons Collin and Nick,
their Mom Sue and Step Dad Patrick, Grandpa Ralph and photographer Grandma Az. Buddy -Maggie.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Az. Buddy has gone to Mexico.

Az. Buddy is off on vaccaciones in Puerto Vallarta for a week with family for our ocean fix.
Not taking computer but will take camera to collect this years photo journal.

Cowboy Weekend

Had a true western weekend. It started with me trying of 3 pairs of cowboy boots; all that I own. "Ouch"
How could I ever have spent any time walking in them.
Good donation to the Animal League shop.

Went to see Igor and Big John, the jazz cowboys at the
Placita Del Sol Amado Territory Ranch.
Great show. Their music is reflected in their name.
Igor is formerly from the New Christy Minstrels. Don't miss them the next time they come around. And check out their web site.

Then in the evening we were invoted to a real hoe down at Li'l Abner's in Northwest Tucson.

My niece, Diane was celebrating her 50th B.D. And more importantly the completion of chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. The night started with line western dancing including lessons. Thank heavens I had discarded those boots. Then a great meal with relatives and friends followed by more dancing.
Li'l Abner's is place everyone in Southern Arizona has to go at least once a a great place to take visitors. Wee went several times when we first moved to Az. many many years ago. I was great fun to visit there again in such special circumstances.

It was a real Yippy Ki-A day for Az. Buddy.