Monday, June 18, 2012

Top of the boxoffice

 The animation hit Madagascar 3 beat the Sci Fi flick Prometheus for two weekends in a  row.

What does that say about the state of movies, the state of movie attendees or the state of the nation?

Numerous studies have indicated that Science Fiction has always done well when the economy tanks.

In much of Science fiction the Alien is a superior being who tries to tell humans of the world what we are doing to destroy the earth.
War, Global warming, destruction of the environment.
One can also suggest that in bad times we look to something divine for help. This is true in Prometheus, where the team of scientists travel to a far away universe to find out"where we came from and where we go". Looking for stories to explain existence and the proverbial "why" goes back to the Greek Mythologies.


    So what explains the popularity of Madagascar 3?
I suppose that just as we seek explanations for our existence during bad times, we need something to laugh at and make us feel good. Madagascar certainly did that. In fact IMO this animation film entertains the adult as much as the child.
Lines like "wipe that Smir-noff you face and Popov" is clearly for the adult as is "Bull-schivek" and "mama mia, maria mia, Mia Farrow".
I have said before on this blog that if you don't go to any animation because it is "cartoon", you are missing out on some good movies.

So to answer the question in my second paragraph, What does azbuddy say about the:

*state of movie. for the most part, they give us what we want. If not they don't make it.
*state of the movie goer. even when people are strapped for cash, they go to the movies and from
my observations they are willing to pay big $$$ for food and film.
*state of the Nation- IMO it sucks, therefore I go to the movies.

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