Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hope Springs - Movie Review

I was not prepared to like this movie. A movie about restarting a marriage in a midlife rut might hit too close to home. However I really liked it. Thinking it was a 'chic flic' I was surprised to see so many couples attending. No way would my SI every go.  Theater was filled with mostly middle aged folks, all laughing or crying at appropriate times.

Great casting. Meryl Streep is truly a chameleon, and in this movie one looses the fact you are watching Meryl but are watching Kay, a middle aged woman who would rather be alone than lonely. Tommy Lee Jones (Arnold) does not play a romantic but rather an unlikable husband that is buried in the mundane of everyday. Adding to these two is Steve Carrell as a marriage/sex counselor. He is 100% believable in this role and adds sincerity to this common problem made into an entertaining movie.

Good 3***'s

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