Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A fall of reading Native American books.

 It was not planned but I found that this fall I read four great books
about Native Americans. I highly recommend all of the books as giving us insight into the experience of the Native American in the white man's culture.
Desert Wife is a memoir of a wife  from 1915-1919 spent managing a
trading post in the four corners of Arizona with her husband. Written in1928 and first published in 1935 I heartily recommend this book to all seeking to
understand the Navajo living in this part of Arizona.

Eagle Catcher is a mystery that takes place in Wyoming's Wind River Reservation of the Arapoho Indians. Father John O'Malley seeks to solve the murder of the tribal chairman.

In Round House, Louise Erdrich returns to the great story telling of her early novels. Here she tells the story of a Native American Family and community faced with a devastating assault of one of its loved female members.

In Yes is Better than No, famed children story writer, Byrd Baylor tell the story of Papago Indians in 1960 moving to a South Tucson ghetto. These Native Americans are now known as the To'hon'odahm

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