Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My take on the Oscars

I have seen 8 of the 9 nominees for Best Picture. I have not see "Amour" yet. I believe that it is due to come to the Loft on Feb. 8th. I am not so sure I want to spend 2+ hours watching an old woman die and and old man watching her die.

Here is my line up based on how I enjoyed the films; not necessarily judging any as best.

#1 - Life of Pi - Did not like the book. Loved the movie. Liked the look of it and the philosophy.
#2 - Django Unchained - A Hoot. I laughed and groaned at the black humor. Butch Cassidy and the  Sundance Kid meet Roots meet Dowton Abby. But one has to be a fan of Tarantino. And I am.
 I like Christof Waltz for Best Supporting actor although he has some strong competitors in Arkin and  De Niro.
#3 Argo - Ben Affleck should have been nominated for best Director of the suspenseful drama of a true event -the 1980 rescue of embassy workers in Iran.  A very good movie.
#4 Lincoln is sure get a lot of votes. To me it was long and not terribly moving. Good historical portrayal of the bill to end slavery. Acting was excellent and I would like to see Sally Field get best supporting actress and Daniel Day-Lewis for best actor.
#5 Les Miserables - The film production of the successful stage play worked for me although not for most of my friends. I thought the acting was good and the voices OK. The overall look could get the Oscar for Production Design IMO.
#6 Jessica  Chastain should get the best actress award for basically carrying Zero Dark Thirty - the story of one womans 12 year hunt for Osama Binladen.  Good movie but the torture was 'too much information' for me .
#7. Silver Lining Playbook is hard to categorize. Many critics as well as the public loved this movie but I had a hard time seeing it as a romantic comedy because of the very serious topic of mental illness. More of a drama. I can see both leads getting Oscar nods as well as the supporting actors.  But not great IMO.

#8 Beasts of the Southern Wild was confusing to me. We walked out of the the theater saying "What the What did we just see.  The story of a Dad and his percocious daughter living in unbelievable  poverty in the 'bathtub' of the swamps in the deltas of Lousianna.

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