Sunday, July 10, 2011

Repair or Replace?

We live in a "disposable" world. The rich replace, the poor do without and the middle class are faced with the decision to repair or replace. Indeed many in Washington would like to dispose of the middle class. Had four things get broken in azbuddy's home lately. The dog, the large flat screen TV, the stove and the vacuum cleaner.

With the help of our great vet, Dr. T. Pescod, a couple of days in the vet intensive care, and a couple weeks of TLC we repaired the dog.

The large screen TV was another matter. We found in Lou's TV service a man devoted to his job.
He analyzed, probed, inspected and diagnosed the TV with great care. Took it back to the TV intensive care unit and it was saved.

We were tempted to replace the vacuum BUT didn't want what might be a perfectly good vacuum to be added to the land fill. Cathy's Sew and Vac will be able to fix it for $20.

The stove: That is another matter. And who needs a stove in the summer in the desert. A look around the kitchen reveals a crock pot, electric fry pan, microwave and toaster oven. That'll do.

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