Friday, July 8, 2011

Two documentary film reviews

Two movies. Very different. Same message.

I Am is written and directed by Tom Shadyac of Ace Ventura and other dumb boy movies. After a major bike accident with broken bones and a concussion he recovers to ask two very important questions. What is wrong with the world and how do we fix it. The movie features numerous interviews and film clips from well known philosophers and world leaders who answer the question. They all agree that cooperation is more important than competition that leads to conflict. We are not genetically engineered for survival of the fittest alone, but to cooperate to bring happiness and success to the group. What is wrong with the world? I am. How do we fix it?
We cooperate, not compete.

The second movie is Buck. A documentary about the true Horse Whisper. Traumatized by child abuse from his father after the death of his mother, Buck was taken in by foster parents on a large ranch in Montana. After learning from mentors that the way to train horses is with kindness but firmness and consistency, Buck applies aspects learned from his difficult youth into dealing with difficult horses. Kindness, empathy does more that the traditional methods of breaking horses.

Both of these movies illustrate what is important in Buddhist teachings.
Simplicity, patience and compassion yield greater triumphs than does complexity, haste and anger.

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