Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Movie Review -District 9

District 9

It may be the weirdest movie on the planet.
But but I loved it. 4****

Genuine "Illegal Aliens" are kept in a ghetto in Johanseburg.
Through a documentary style scenario we follow the plot of the hero tryng to socially communicate with the aliens to move them to another district. When things go awry.

What I loved.
The character development of Wilkus, the main character.
Great acting, by the way.

The human emotions of Christopher and his son.

Action, action, action.

The bad guys, who outnumber the good guys by lots.

The ending will go on my list of "top movie endings".

p.s. Not for everyone. Those who know me know I go in for the weird.
BUT 3 of us went and we all liked it. Even Mr. Vanilla.

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