Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fired up? Burnt out?

Sometimes I'm fired up.
What's firing me up right now?
John Updike
Darwin - still a controversy 150 yrs later.
The success of "Red, White and Blue"

What has me burned out right now?
Taking on too much can burn me out.
I'm a little mad at God right now.
I'm a little mad at Pres. Obama too. Worked hard on his campaign. Worked hard to get the focus on the public option.

Now Mr. Obama, as my Mama would say; "It is time to get the mittens off"
Show strong leadership to the congress on Health Care Reform.

AND end this futile war in Afghanistan

Too many people have died! Soldiers and civilians! Al Gaeda is gone. They have evolved and disbursed to many countries and
communicate via the internet.
The Taliban are where they have always been and will be no matter when we leave.

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