Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tucson's Poor

HopeFest 2009 served 15,000 to 20,000 poor and homeless Tucsonans.

Families arrived the night before and stood in long lines for:
medical care
dental care
hygiene products
support services
and even prayer.

Many volunteers participated in the HopeFest.
The group that I was with was assigned to the checking in children to the large play area.
This area offered everything from soft slides and jungle gyms, face painting and many games and prizes. Our job was to put arms bands on kids that matched arm and put on the parent or guardian. This allowed the parent to stand in line for various services.

This may sound easy. I assure you that it was not. Trying to keep children IN and adults with the exception of volunteers OUT was a real task. Children cried when Mom wasn't there when they were done playing. Moms worried that there children wouldn't be taken care of. Many moms didn't return for hours.
When Mom or guardian returned, a volunteer had to take parent to find their children and the their shoes. Many of the fun things to do required removal of shoes.
Then, matching wrist bands, families were signed out.

5 hours of bedlam but rewarding being of service.
Several families thanked us for the time and concern spent with the children so that
they could participate in the services offered.


  1. Brava to you, Maggie, for volunteering. Let me know and I'll help next year.

  2. I second Pam's comment, do so much good work. Love reading about it...