Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why the poor eat fast food?-IMO

I rarely grocery shop. That is one of the tasks that my husband took over when we retired.
Every time I go on a diet and/or get the idea that we need to eat more fruits and vegetable, I am alarmed by the proportionately high cost of healthy eating. This morning our bill at Safeway totalled $50.02. AND the fruits and vegetables alone were $25.08.
That is 50% of the bill.

All of the fast food chains now offer $1.00 menu items. Salads at fast foods are nearly $5:00.
I can understand why the busy poor single mom feeds her family fast food. And lets them choose the burgers and fries.

Yeh! I could go to Walmart. I prefer to support Safeway or Frys and encourage the poor to to shop Walmart. IMO

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