Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thoughts on Hunger in the U.S.

Thanksgiving week. As we spend the week eating too much, lets review the state of hunger in the U.S.
*A USDA report released Monday said that 49 million Americans experience what the government calls "food insecurity". How many of us can say that we have felt unsure of when or how our next meal may come?
*In over 500,000 families, one or more children go without having enough to eat. And often what they do have to eat is not nutritious food. Government food programs that provide breakfast and lunch programs in schools don't provide many fruits and vegetables. 50 calories of fat and/sugar are far less expensive that 50 calories of fruit and veggies.
*Areas of urban poverty often have large "grocery deserts"; many square miles that have no grocery stores; only fast food and convenience stores that don't carry fresh foods.
*What is the relationship of obesity in the U.S. to poverty and hunger? Spend some time in the Malls or the ER's of Tucson. Better yet, stand outside the Food Bank. Make a guess or judgement. Who are the upper middle class? And who are the poor? IMO the poor are the most obese. We are too used to seeing the emaciated hunger of Africa. We don't see the obese as the poor and hungry of our own cities

We need a broader strategy to eliminate hunger.

I believe Obama may be able to develop a welfare program for the poor.

Through his tax cuts for the wealthy, Mr. Bush had a welfare program for wealthy

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