Friday, March 26, 2010

3 very bad bills by Az. Legistature

The Arizona State Legislature continues to produce very bad bills that keep our state near the bottom of all desirable lists.

1. The first one is HCR 2001. This bill will permanently repeal the First Things First program and transfer tobacco tax money designated for early childhood development into general funds. Why must our children suffer for the fiscal mismanagement of our legislature?

2. SB -Concealed Weapons. Will let anyone who can legally have a weapon carry it in their purse, pocket or jacket. That's all we need with Road Rage, Text Rage and drunks in bars.

3.HB2632 - Without a word of debate, the house advanced a series of changes in state law
to combat undocumented immigration. This would require police to take the role of border patrol and immigration in arresting individual without documentation. Whether this is legal or not remains to be seen.

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