Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

What better day than Earth Day to rant about the destruction of the mountain islands in the southwest by copper mining.

The first photo was taken of the destruction of the Red River area of northern New Mexico

The second photo was taken just southwest of Globe, New Mexico. A new copper mine just adjacent to this one is being proposed.

The final two photos were taken standing in one spot out at the Green Valley Water Treatment plant.

First I looked east at the beautiful Santa Rita mountains.

Then I looked west at what remains of the Sierrita Mountains. I noted the mileage from I-19 exit 63, Continental, north to the end of the mine. 20 miles of mine. Add that to what is south and we have one very long valley with mines to our west.

How many years would it take to have this same situation on the eastern Santa Rita mountains.

I have read that there is sufficient mines already to supply copper to the US. Further copper mining would supply copper to China. Let them supply there own copper.

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