Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new old restaurant

I love it when I find a new old restaurant.
Friend came to town and asked us to go the El Torero because it had been mentioned to her to have been great during college days at the U of A.
With the magic of the Internet and google we found the address and website information and indeed it still existed.
A family Mexican restaurant, El Torero has been open since 1956 in South Tucson.
Set back from the corner of 26th and 4th Ave it still maybe hard to find the screaming pink building. But the food is worth it. This is not Tex/Mex but hearty family cooked Mexican food.
The ambiance is spare furniture and funky wall hangings.
President Clinton and Madeline Albright were seen eating at El Nindito, also in South Tucson. When Ethan and Joel Cohen come to Tucson, they go to El Torero for their Mexican food experience.

This fact alone tells you a lot about how these two restaurants differ.


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