Sunday, April 25, 2010

Second City does Arizona

OR Close But No Saguaro. Chicago's Second City Comedy writers made a visit to Arizona in January to collect material for this comedy spoofing Arizona. Not that they really needed to since much of our embarrassing politics has made national news and has been food for fodder by all the national comedians. Friday nights Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Colbert were all a buzz about our latest fiasco on immigration. Add to that are the "no permit necessary for concealed public places including bars", Sheriff Arapio and the Minute Men on the border and Arizona offers much for comedians to howl about. This provided a humorous but somewhat sad afternoon when one thinks of the ridiculous position our legislature puts us in.

By the way why are the Monuments of Monument Valley (note scenery backdrop) always used to identify Arizona when they are in UTAH?

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