Friday, September 24, 2010

Az.Buddy is sad today

Az Buddy is sad today.
Doesn't understand why the people that benefit the most from a public health policy - medicare, many who have children that benefit from medicare disability or medicaid -want to sponsor prop 106 and repeal the very legislation that the can benefit the people of this state.

Arizona is #2 in poverty. #2 in $'s spent on education. Homicides in Tucson are soaring. Yet this state allows concealed weapons, minimal gun control and has more gun shows than any other state. No questions asked. If the list is good things, Az is at the bottom. If the list is bad things, Az is at the top.

The GOP failed to advance the DREAM act, failed to pass the defense bill because they are more afraid of gays and lesbians that they are Al Qaeda and the Taliban and have unanimously agreed that the sky is NOT and never was BLUE.


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