Friday, September 3, 2010

Georgia O'keeffe - Lifetime TV

The Emmy Awards gave us a chance to hear about films that we likely missed because they were on cable channels we don't get or that we missed. I took particular interest in best actor, best actress and best film in "Made for TV" movies. category. Thanks to NetFlix these are now available on DVD.

Among these was Joan Allen nominated for best actress in the film "Georgia O'Keeffe".
This is a biopic of one of the best known female artists of the 20th century. Born in Wisconsin, she ended her long life in Taos, New Mexico at age 98.
This movie concentrates on her marriage to Alfred Stieglitz, brilliantly played by Jeremy Irons, a Manhattan photographer and owner of Gallery 291. He became her benefactor and lover and eventually her husband after he divorced his wife. He came from wealth, and often took Georgia to the family home at Lake George, New York. However he did not have personal wealth due to the poor business operation of his gallery. By the late 1920's, O'Keeffe tired of his infidelities and New York. On the invitation of her friend Mable Lodge Luhan, played by Tyne Daily, she went to Taos to stay at Luhan's ranch. Here she was inspired by the beauty of the west and enjoyed her solitude.

But in 1932 she returned to Manhattan and Stieglitz because he was ill. He recovered but the continued oppressive marriage led to her nervous breakdown.

After her recovery she returned to her beloved Taos where she stayed and did not return to New York. Stieglitz died in 1946 but O'Keeffe stayed until her death at age 98.

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