Friday, September 17, 2010

Two movie reviews- Cairo Time & Going the Distance

Yesterday I went to see the art film Cairo Time at the Loft. I went because it starred Patricia Clarkson, whose work I have always have appreciated. Also one of the main characters of the movie is the intriguing city of Cairo. This was a disappointing movie. No 4 letter words, no violence no sex and most importantly no passion. Just longing looks and heavy sighs. I fault the
writer/director Ruba Nadda. Timing was slow and acting stilted and not genuine.The character naive and more annoying that likable. Costuming inappropriate. The musical score was uneven and loud. Especially in a film where everything else was soft and quiet.

1* Don't bother. Unbelievable and boring.

Last week I saw Going the Distance starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. The theme of the film was the difficulty of maintaining a relationship from New York and San Francisco. In contrast this film had lots of the "F" word, sex and an abundance of passion. The room mates of the Justin Long character provided a good deal of humor to the plot. The chemistry was great probably because these two actors are best friends and have had a relationship off screen.

3*** Good and entertaining

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