Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birds today at Patagonia, Az

What started out as a slow birding day, in the end revealed some very interesting birds.

The small gray flycatcher, with the gray back and light colored chest and a pink lower bill.

The lark sparrow with it Harlequin like face.

The amazing Ruby Crowned Kinglet, which only shows his
ruby crown when excited. Although it is a fairly common bird, I have only seen its ruby crown once before. Today we came upon two that were probably demonstrating for territory and we saw the brilliant flash of red,

We saw quite a few ducks. We saw a pair of Bufflehead; always a pleasure to see.
Here one can see the difference between the male and female.

And the magnificent Northern Harrier. Swooping low over the cat tails looking for prey.
A large Hawk it is identified by its size, reddish brown feathers and white and the base of its tail.

Photos from Google Images

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  1. Super photos, Maggie, especially the displaying Ruby Crowned Kinglet! Thanks for sharing.