Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nowhere Boy - Review

If you are a Beatles fan this is a must movie. It is about the young John Lennon. When he is having difficulty in school and listening to the early rock and roll of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis
he rediscovers his mother who abandoned him at age 5 and gave him up to his Aunt Mimi played brilliantly by Kirstin Scot Thomas.
His mother, played very well by Ann-Marie Duff, is a "not all together woman" who sees John as a friend to pal around with more than a son. But one can see that she probably provided the musical genes. Aunt Mimi in contrast is severe and very proper.

Although the movie covers the very start of his band, it is more about John sorting out his feelings about these two very different women.

Acting by Aaron Johnson as Lennon and Thomas Sangster as Paul are excellent young actors.

Great sound track.

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