Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The King's Speech - A review

This is a truly great movie. I give it 5 *s, which in my rating system means: A very rare film -"Get thee to the theater ASAP". Not only is it a very interesting story but it has 3 excellent performances in the key roles. King George VI had a severe stutter since about the age of 5. Teasing by his brother and taunting by his father, King George V only made it worse. In adult hood and married with two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, he is faced with having to give public speeches after his brother abdicates and he becomes King at the beginning of WWII.

Colin Firth, passed over for an Oscar for "A Single Man", certainly will be in the forefront this year. Helena Bonham Carter, as the wife who becomes the beloved Queen Mom is fabulous as the woman who finds that man who will help her husband. Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue the man who becomes the King's therapist and friend for the rest of his life.

A great film, deserving of the seven Golden Globe Nominations it received. Surely it will also get the attention of the Academy awards.

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