Sunday, January 9, 2011

As yet an unexplained tragedy IMO

Yesterdays catastrophe has yet to be explained.
I first met Gaby in 2006 during her first campaign for the US House of Representative.
Since them I met her on numerous occasions when she came to Green Valley to meet with her constituents. In 2006 I marched at her side in the White Elephant parade. She had a smile and greeting for all people, regardless of party affiliation. She was as non partisan as legislators come.

I have two thoughts on the tragedy.

#1. The US and particularly Arizona are too easy on gun control.
As noted in this chart we are WAY ahead of any other country in gun ownership per capita
The constitution that states we "have the right to bear arms" was written at a different time for a different purpose. IMO.
Arizona has passed a law that permits concealed weapons without a license. Guns are allowed in bars and other public places. Now some of our legislators wants to allow guns in schools. Rationale: Teachers and students can "protect
themselves". What about the student that
has a gun and has a "melt down" against faculty or other students?

My second thought:

We as a society need to take better care of the
mentally ill. That means early assessment and diagnosis and intervention. Most mental health problems are not covered by health insurance.
We don't know what motivated this young man to commit such a crime. We do know that some photos show him as a clean cut boy involved in the U. of Az. book fair.

Schizophrenia, a probable cause of insanity in other mas murders, typically occurs in late teens to early 20's, often in young men.
It appears that he demonstrated irrational and troublesome behavior before this incident.
But the school "kicked" him out. I thought that after
Virgina tech, school counselors would be better informed
at intervening in such circumstances. We need to be a society
that responds to and helps our mentally tortured young people.

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