Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AzBuddy @ the movies

We saw a lot of movies in January.

Here are my one sentence movie reviews, in no particular order, but all seen in January.

The Way Back - Escapees from a Gulag in Siberia walk
4,000 miles to freedom in India. Good 3*** Minimal plot; man against nature.

A Dog Named Tulip - Animated - A stately elderly gentleman adopts a German shepherd dog and raises her
from puppy hood to motherhood. Very good 4****
Possibly the best animated canine porn flick.

Country Strong - Reminiscent of Bette Middler's "The Rose", a successful country singer tries to deal with fame and love. Good 3***. A good music flick.

The Fighter - Two brothers with a domineering mother try to make their way in the world of professional boxing.
Very good - 4**** for fight film fans.

Social Network - Story of a successful but weird asocial entrepreneur who invents the social network. Very good 4 **** limited interest audience.

The Black Swan - Good acting, directing and choreography and a dumb story. Good 3***
Probably liked by many.

The Kings Speech - A movie for everyone about a king who stammers and gets help from
a dedicated friend and speech therapist. 5***** Excellent and for everyone

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  1. Probably 40 years ago, I was riveted by the book "The Long Walk" which The Way Back was based on. I remember grocery shopping and reading while pushing the cart around. I loaned it to a friend from whom it was STOLEN! I've looked for it off and on since to no avail, but now see that the library has it on order. Woo-hoo!