Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Mexican Dental Implant

My experience with
dental care in Mexico
started in Green Valley.
Although cost was a consideration,
more significant was their
recommending treatments that
I wasn't sure needed to be done.
They told my spouse that he needed costly and
frequent gum treatment.

We started with asking friends. There is no shortage of people in GV who go to Mexico for dental care.

We started with Dr. Gabriel Tardaguila, a periodontist
who was said to do an excellent cleaning and diagnosis.

His office is neat, clean and friendly with a receptionist that speaks English. Dr. G.T. said that with periodic cleaning by a periodontist that Ralph didn't need the extensive expensive treatments. Then Dr. Hilda, who is also in the office cleaned my teeth and found an severely deteriorated tooth. This had not been found in G.V.

From there I was sent upstairs to Dr. Sergio Suarez for an extraction. This proved to be a very difficult and painful procedure that required two appointments. Two of my retired dentist friends affirmed that tooth extraction in a tooth that has had a root canal is difficult.
After the extraction had healed it was back to Dr. G.T. to determine if and when I would have an implant.

The periodontist, the gum specialist, prepares the area and inserts the screw on which the implant will rest.

After this is done and healed, several months, it is back to the
general dentist for preparation and insertion of the "false" tooth.

I liked that these two dentists work closely together and Dr. S. could come down to Dr. T's office when I was there to consult with me about the various stages of treatment.

Total cost:
Extraction: $80
Preparation of gum tissue and insertion of screw including bone graft using my own bone $1,000
Making of impression and insertion of new tooth. $800.
Total = $1,980

I was very satisfied with my new dental implant and
the treatment I received.



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  2. Glad you’ve found a great dentist to provide you with excellent dental implants and treatments. It’s always good to have a dental expert you can consult for all your dental concerns. Anyway, how is the implant now? I hope it’s still working well for you! My husband had recently gone for a dental implant, and he loves it! It’s made everything much easier for him, and it gave him a significant confidence boost!

    *Calandra Janocha

  3. Calandra is right! Having a trusted and qualified dental professional that will oversee your dental health and procedure is a good idea. It is hard to go “dentist hopping,” since it would feel like you’re starting over again with the consultations and the other procedure. With just one dental professional to supervise you, you will feel more at ease and comfortable. [Eduardo Tomlin]

  4. It's a good thing that you didn't settle for anything less when it comes to caring for your teeth, and you looked for a trustworthy dentist elsewhere. Not only did it give you positive results, but it also helped you save some money due to their budget-friendly services. Great job!

    Thanh Arnett