Sunday, May 15, 2011

Az Buddy's torn ACL

On April 19th poor Buddy tore the ACL
ligament of his back left knee. Yes that
is the same knee injury that many
football players get. Vet said he won't
be "playing in the next Superbowl.
Sudden limp after running out
to greet the neighbors dog.

Treatment is often surgery. After
extensive research (thank you, google)
it seems that many vets now agree that
conservative treatment with bed rest is the
preferred regimen. However this is not
making the Bud Miester very happy.

We can't say the work "walk" in the
house and he howls if he catches us trying
to sneak out for our walks.

Today he had his first mini-walk.
Very short and very slow. He
really pulled at the leash. Seems
to have forgotten how to
walk on leash.

It hurts to see your dog going about on 3 legs. But he remains
perky, following us around the house and doesn't seem in pain.

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