Monday, May 16, 2011

Movie - Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I have always been a fan of Herzog Werner, Germany's premier auteur of film both feature and documentary. In this movie Herzog chronicles the prehistoric paintings found in the Cave of Chauvet discovered in the south of France in 1994. This rock art that dates around 32,000 years ago has been well preserved, before it was discovered, by a rock slide that closed off the cave and since its discovery by French scientists that have severely limited access to the cave. IMO Werner give us the chance to experience this rare event. He declares that "art" through the paintings and musical instruments have been a part of human expression from early on. There is a great deal of discussion on IMDB on whether this a good film for 3-D. I loved "Avatar" and have to say that "Cave...." in 3-D worked for me. The cave and its paintings are 3 dimensional and Werner used this technique to an advantage, IMO.

Werner Herzog has his personal stamp on this movie. His humor and drama. A movie clip of Fred Astair dancing with his shadows, a scientist demonstrating a prehistoric flute by playing the "Star Spangled Banner", asking for 'quiet' to listen to the sound of the cave and the beat of your heart. The movie ends by showing France's largest nuclear energy plant 20 miles from the cave and the mutant albino crocodiles that swim in the warm water used in cooling off the rods.

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