Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Movie review -Of Gods and Men

It has been a while since I have given 5*****'s to a movie. This means it is a very important film, should be for every one and "get thee to the movie ASAP". However it will be in Tucson at The Loft only till Friday. So if you are not able to go, put it at the top of your rental list.

This is a French film shown in 2010 that tells the true story of 8 Trappist monks that live in a monastery high in the mountains of Algeria. Filmed in Morocco, the country side is fabulous.
They serve the villagers who are poor farmers of strong Muslim faith that fit in well with the
Trappist's Christian faith. Both are threatened by the fundamentalist Muslim terrorists who kill and harass the villagers. They are also tormented by the Algerian soldiers constantly looking for the terrorists.

This is a movie of extreme faith as the monks decide whether they stay with their mission or leave for safety. The tone of the movie is quiet with much silence except for the singing, chanting and prayer of the monks. This contrasts with the violence from the extremists.

A truly exceptional and moving film. See it!

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  1. 5 Stars from you is quite a award! Art liked in the New Yorker class, I recall.
    More fodder for a French Film Encore Encore!