Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Az Buddy Better

It is so hard to have a sick pet. It brings back the memories of other pets you have had over your life time. We love them and when they leave us it is unbearable. Many people say "I will never have another dog". I have said "I will always have a dog" It is hard to imagine my life without a dog; from the farm dogs we had as a child to the 4 dogs we have had over 42 years of marriage.

Buddy is slowly getting better. He is perkier, following us around the house, going for short walks and drinking. He still has no interest in eating. Only eats hamburger with rice and has to be coaxed to eat that. He always has been a very vocal dog. But not a sound since his surgery June 15th. We are waiting to hear his yipping and nagging for attention and play.

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