Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super 8 -Movie review

The inspiration for Steven Spielberg, Producer and writer/director J.J. Abrams was the time they spent in their youth making movies with Super 8 cameras and film. This film reflects that young excitement and imagination. The movie starts when four boys are making a zombie movie out at an old train station in Lillian Ohio. Just as the train reaches them there is an explosion that rivals any movie kaboom. What secret cargo was this train carrying that brings the Air Force big guys to investigate? The boys plus the one girl who was to star in their movie go in search for answers. Elle Fanning and Joel Coutney play the two lead kids but are surrounded by other very talented actors. Kyle Chandler doe a fine performance as the town deputy. And there is the monster - a space alien, created by Neville Page, who crashed on earth in 1958. Twenty years later the US Air Force is still trying to control the monster and its desire to leave the earth.

If you like kids, explosions, action and monsters this is a 4**** movie
According to the previews, Spielberg has a number of these action movies coming out this summer for which he is the Executive Produce.

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