Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill

I will never look at a mesquite tree in the same way.

Amazing that I have lived here nearly 23 years and did not know about this very interesting place of business and art. Mesquite trees are probably the most common tree used in landscaping and found naturally grown in southern Arizona. It is interesting that this tree is not really native to North America but was brought in by the cattle of the Conquistadors as they moved north from Mexico. I will let you imagine how this happened. These trees provide a very hard, twisted and gnarly wood with beautiful grains that make for one of a kind pieces. Now the BLM is removing mesquite in an attempt to preserve the grassland east of the Santa Rita Mountains,
on the Empire ranch.

This is providing the Sawmill
with a source of mesquite that they process for
use in the production of numerous crafts and furniture.

Art and Valerie Flores

Stop and look their beautiful crafts and ask for a tour.

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