Friday, August 12, 2011

A day in Mexico

August - midday - hot and humid
Pleasant drive under cloudy skies
One hour door to door

Purpose: dental cleaning

No line to get into Mexico.
A few Mexicans returning home with shopping
bags from Food City.
Long lines of Mexican pedestrians coming
into Arizona.
Some come here to visit families, go shopping,
get medical care and some may go to school or work.
These are middle to upper class citizens who have an ID
card that allows them to enter for a limited
time and distance.

The only gringos entering Nogales are
going to the dentistas or the pharmacies.

Some have visited the Utea duty free shop in Nogales, Az.
and must enter Mexico and return with their purchases of
alcohol and cigarettes.

Streets busy with traffic.
On the sidewalks vendors call out for me
to buy their merchandise.

Returning 2 hours later the line is very
short. A wave of our passports and we have
left the border wall behind.

A stop at the Cow Palace for my favorite
blue cheese and bacon burger.

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