Monday, August 22, 2011

Is it time to sell Grandma's silver?

As the markets falter the price of gold and silver are rising. Many of us senior citizens have grandma's silver put away unused and unwanted by our children. Entertaining is not as formal as it was in our mothers and grandmothers generation. Some of us don't even entertain anymore. When we do we go out. When we moved here in 1988 we couldn't give away the silver. It didn't sell at estate sales or antique stores. The cost was $5.05 an ounce. In 2004 it was $6.80. In 2010 it was $18.00. In 2011 it has steadily gone up and today sold at $43.80 per ounce.
For me and a couple of friends - it was time. Some tips: Do your research. Shop around. Don't go to the 'good o' boys, or to the hotels or to the mall jewelry stores.

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