Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Debt - Movie review

This was a very strange movie experience. While watching it, I liked it. I was so engrossed with the action that I liked it. However when the movie was over and I discussed it with friends and read other comments on the web, the problems became glaring. The story is told in 1966 with a trio of actors all very good. And then again in 1997 when the protagonists are 30 years older with another trio of actors. Here the acting looses. This is the first problem -the casting. The young shy man who is shorter becomes a tall man and poorly acted. The tall, the command man, becomes handicapped in a wheel chair looking nothing like the younger actor. The second problem is that the Moussad, the elite of the Israeli commandos really screws up. The "hunted" becomes the "hostage". The ending is really a mess. The title is never really explained. The father of the child is not agreed upon. Helen Mirren of course is good as is Tom Wilkinson.
Problems: casting, plot and particularly the ending.

What started out as a 4**** end up a 2**.

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