Monday, September 19, 2011

"The Guard" - movie review

Every once in a while I see a movie that I just love but can't recommend to everyone. OK probably more often than that. I have a friend that will always go with me to these little indie treasures. "The Guard" is a confrontational Irish film staring Irish actor Brendan Gleeson and American Don Cheadel. Gleeson stars as a Sargent in the "Guard" or the local police in a small town in Northern Ireland. Cheadel is an uptight FBI man sent to help solve a major drug smuggling gang coming in by sea. It is billed as a comedy but has a lot of drama as these two very different law men work together. Is Gleeson really racist or just naive in his first encounter with a black man? There are no less that 4 subplots, all fully developed. Gleeson is great and Cheadel does an excellent job as his straight man.

Why is this film hard to recommend to everyone, which is my 5*****. If the f--- word freaks you out as does violence, this movie is not for you. However if you love the Irish personality and humor you will love this movie.
Another point is that if one is hearing impaired it is best to wait for the video and watch it with subtitles. One can miss some of the rich Irish accent.

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