Saturday, September 24, 2011

Drive - The Movie

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Suspense and action. The uneven pacing from very still and quiet to frenzied action was unique. To support the changes of mood was a great selection of music. Some soundtracks distract. This one remarkably enhanced mood. Drive is about a young man, Ryan Gosling, who drives as a stuntman in the day and getaway cars at night. He meets and falls in love with Irene, Carey Mulligan. He loves but never beds her. Yet he is willing to do anything for her. Complications begin when her husband returns home from prison. The driver never has a name but is referred to as the "kid". Not a technique new to screen writers. The car he drives is a Chevy Impala. Having cars as signature props is also not new to films. Danish Director Nicolas Winding Refn makes his American debut by filming in Los Angeles. He couldn't have chosen a better setting. The night scenes, many from above are awesome.
Acting by both Gosling and Mulligan is understated and excellent.

4**** Excellent. Not for everyone. Very Violent. Although fast cars, handsome young actors and blatant violence are not new to movies, IMO this movie does it well. Adapted from a novel.

Look for Russ Tamblyn - A Jett from Westside Story. Didn't know he was still acting. Would make a good trivia question.

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