Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Big Year - review

You may have to be a birder to appreciate this movie fully. I am not nearly the birder that the pepople in this film but I do like going out to the trees and bushes and water ways to look for birds. Be they familiar or rare I enjoy seeing their beauty and their movement.

I loved this movie. It is based on the book by the same name of 3 very different meant who want o log the most bird species seen in a calendar year - New Years to New years. Owen Wilson is the "best birder in the world" based on previous records. Steve Martin is the wealthy entrepreneur ready to retire and try the "big year". Jack Black is a 30 something that simple loves bird watching. To him the record affirms that his hobby is respectably more than just a hobby.

The direction is good. The cinematography fabulous. Since the contest encompasses the Continental US one gets a tour of many states. Birds of the various ares are written in white across the screen. Be sure to day for the credits as photos of many birds flash by.

5***** for birders, 3-4**** for others.

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