Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Movie Review -50/50

This film is based on the true events in the fight with cancer of comedy writer Will Reiser. At age 27 while seeking diagnosis for back pain he hears that he has an extensive malignant tumor in his spine. Staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (first known as the young man in 3rd rock from the Sun) as Adam the Will Reiser character. He has matured as an actor and came in to this role by default when another actor who could not take the part. How lucky are we. He does a fabulous job at depicting the complex emotions of a cancer patient. Seth Groben, a real life friend of Reiser's plays himself as the main support person during Adam's bout with cancer. Director Johnathan Levine does a fine job of balancing the humor and the tears. Supporting actor's Anna Kenrick (Up in the Air) as a therapist and Anjelica Houston as Adam's mother add dimension to the story.

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