Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Review -Money Ball

This is a very good baseball movie in a long line of baseball movies. Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane a real life general manager of the Oakland Athletics in 2002; a team that had no money to keep "good" players who were taken away for high salaries by New York and Boston. He meets a young non-athlete economics Yale graduate who convinces him that the team needs players that statistically show that they can get on first base more often than the big names. Further more the team can win games with less pricey players. Jonah Hill does a great job as the stoic but certain statistician assistant. Philip Seymour Hoffman has a meaty role as the team manager Art Howe, who does not agree with this new Sabermetrics approach to winning.

Brad Pitt is now 47 years old. I first noticed him as the stud in Thelma and Louise. I have always like him and in this movie he has proven himself a deserving actor.


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