Tuesday, November 1, 2011

El Dia de los Muertos

The day of the Dead is a Mexican remembrance of those that have passed. It is a merging of the Aztec and Catholic celebration of All Saints Day. To the Mexicans it is a day celebration and death. A number of years ago I took a trip to Patzcuaro, Mexico, a village with a lake that has a Island where the Day of The Dead is truly celebrated. Ofrendas (altars) are built near or on the grave of a loved one. On this ofrenda, families bring the things the deceased loved, be it bread, beer, flowers etc. Photos of them are placed at the center. People moan and cry and laugh and generally celebrate the life of the passed loved one. My trip there was long before digital cameras but I include here photos from the Day of the Dead Tucson. Calaveras or skull or skeletons are a bog part of the celebration. Brides and grooms are a favorite depiction. Sunday at The Good Shepherd Church we celebrated this day with particular attention to the 182 undocumented immigrants that perished in the desert of our back yard of the Sonoria Desert.

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