Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tower Heist - movie review

Regardless of the many reviews, some
positive and some negative, I loved this movie.
So did the 3 other women attending with me.

It is LOL funny. A clear take off on Bernie Madoff, this spoof features a cast of characters who lost their money to a money swindler, take revenge and plan to steal the money back with the help of a real crook.

Great casting, with Ben Stiller as the Tower Manager, Eddie Murphy as the thief and Alan Alda as the Wall Street swindler.

Interesting new information, the producer of this film Brett Ratney was recently excused from his production of this years Oscars because of an anti gay slur he made in public.
Consequently His friend Eddie Murphy withdrew as Oscar MC. Buzz is that Billy Crystal will take the job.


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