Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review of "The Women on the 6th Floor'

Les Femmes du 6e etage is a French Comedy set in 1961 in Paris. Escaping Franco's austere measures, Spanish women come to Paris to work as maids for well-to-do French bourgeois couples. Maria ends up working for Jean-Louis Joubert and his starchy sophisticated wife and their two arrogant teenage sons. What results is a LOL situation as Jean-Louis finds out that he is more comfortable in the company of these women than he is with his conservative upper class.

This is Upstairs Downstairs turned up side down with the servants on the 6th floor above those that they serve. A comedic example of class differentiation in French society in the early 60's. Could be considered a French version of The Help.

Seen yesterday at the Loft film festival but I feel confident it will get a wider distribution soon.
5***** a must see.

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