Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Artist - review

"The Artist won 3 Golden Globes on Sunday night.
Best Motion Picture, Best Actor in a motion picture -musical or comedy, Best original score. The movie IS completely silent and in black and white. Because that is what the movie is about. George is a very handsome and successful silent screen star. However when the talking motion picture comes to be and with the crash of '29 he falls into hard times. This is where I feel there could have been some editing. I wanted to scream to the silent screen "Get over it, George".

French actor Jean Dujardin as George ceretainly deserved the best actor and his costar Berenice also was excellent.

Supporting actors John Goodman and James Cromwell
rounded out the excellent cast. Of course Uggie the Jack Russel pooch stole every scene that he was in.

As far as best motion picture, IMO it didn't
work for me. It was too unique and different to be compared alongside the other nominated films.

Best score?? I am nearly always attuned to the music of a movie but for some reason I didn't even seem to hear this music. And I don't know why. It should have been essential.

3***/5 from Az.Buddy

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