Friday, March 2, 2012

Babette's Feast

In this 1987 film, Babette, a French refugee from the Franco Prussian War has lived with two Danish sisters for 14 years. Having won the French Lottery she wants to put on a feast to honor the father of these women. The straight laced Danish community questions the feast by a foreigner and a French woman. Although they vow not to comment on the food, during the many courses with wine they warm up to the meal, the French woman and more importantly to each other. Winner of the 1988 beat foreign language film at the Oscars.
We had a very entertaining event when we viewed the film in the afternoon and in the evening enjoyed a fabulous evening of food very closely adapted from Babbette's feast. Thanks to Mary for a great French multi coursed meal.

There are many films centered on great food.
It is a great idea to show the film and then enjoy the meal.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your photos from this, Maggie...Babette's Feast is one of my favorite movies. Makes me miss AZ and the OLLI gang. How about doing Big Night Next? A terrific food film with Stanley Tucci. I could see Mary making the timbale..Best, Kathy K