Saturday, March 24, 2012

Market on the Move (MOM)

Since it's inception in 2010 this non profit has rescued $45,000,000 worth of produce that would have otherwise been thrown out. It then distributes this food to families in need and to people who for a donation of $10 can get 60 lbs of food to share with others. Yes that is 60 pounds of food. Today four of us went to see what this is all about. The produce was for the most part very fresh. Volunteers check the food for spoilage before it is set out. You give them your donation and then you are given boxes and line up to select your produce. Volunteers and participants were very friendly and within one hour we were home with healthy food that would have otherwise been destroyed. This group is also called The 3000 Club because of the many volunteers that work with this group rescuing people and food alike.

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  1. Why is this food rescued from being thrown away? Why is it not being given to Food Banks who are much in need?
    45 million $ of produce is enormous...unless we are talking Safeway prices (: