Friday, July 27, 2012

Casa de San Pedro B&B

 We spent 3 nights at this great B&B in the heart of birding country near Hereford in S. E. Arizona.

Over the next few blogs I will talk about birding in the canyons of the Huachuca Mountains and along the San Pedro Riparian Reserve as well as around this lovely setting.

The day always started with a walk around the building and grounds set up with many bird feeders

This was followed by a fabulous and very unique breakfast cooked and served by owners Karl and Patrick.  In the photo of breakfast is "Dutch Babies", a very large popover with warm fruit compote.

Then we were off for some very serious and strenuous searching for birds, some common and some rare but most very special to Arizona.

This is a world class bed and breakfast, 90 miles southeast of Tucson.

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