Thursday, July 5, 2012

Orchids in my home

Why do I love to have an orchid in my home?
Because I kill anything else.

Sometime ago I noticed a friends always had a cheerful
orchid on her table.

At first fearful, I learned:
They take minimal care.
They don't need special light.
They don't need special food
or a special place in the home.

They like light but not directly.
I don't feed mine.
I talk to them gently each morning.
I give them several ice cubes when
the the roots feel dry.

I buy them at Trader Joe's
from $9.99 to $15.99

They brighten my day and my home.

And they last longer that any other kind of flower
I have ever had,
weeks, into months.
 I am not sure what the
longest has been.
But then I go choose
another one at Joe's or Safeway.

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