Friday, July 13, 2012

"Hysteria" - the movie

No one can make comedies like the Brits. In Hysteria, Director Tanya Wexler takes the true story of the invention of the vibrator to the screen
in a romantic comedy. I hate to even think how Hollywood would have made this move.

It is 1880 and Dr's were treating women for hysteria, which could include anything from a toothache to fatigue. This treatment included "pelvic massage". One of the  complications to the doctor was -hand injuries. OR secondary carpal tunnel.   This film has an excellent cast with Maggie Gyllenhall as a 19th century feminist and Hugh Darcy as the physician Mortimer Granville. Rupert Everett is the inventor friend who happens upon the ideas for a machine to assist Granville and shorten the time to to produce "paroxysms".

Supporting this cast is a host of female actors who
play the very grateful patients.

At the showing that I attended there was much laughter
from the many women attending.
I have no idea what men will say.
I suspect that they will squirm in their seats.

BUT I loved it.

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